There are lots of options out there to take a business card and have it end up in your contacts. However, hardly any have impressed us as much as what CloudContacts has. As we talked about the last time that we wrote about them, CloudContacts takes your business cards and gives you an easy way to turn real cards into data that you can import to your contacts.

For many people, being able to import to your iPhone, Android, Highrise or other CRM is simply enough. For CloudContacts, it wasn’t enough to keep them satisfied. The team wanted more, and so today CloudContacts is introducing the ability to import your contacts directly into SalesForce.

You’ve already been able to use CloudContacts’ Social Connect feature to match up your scanned cards to social networks, but the business end of that is limited. Now, every card that you have will essentially be turned into a sales lead, with all of the power of SalesForce behind it.

Full details of the service are available via the CloudContacts blog. It’s a huge update, and we’re glad to see CloudContacts pushing forward in the market.