yankee doodle 01 260x349 Turn iPhone videos into cartoons? Doodle Cam can.TNW Quick Hit

Doodle Cam lets one capture photos or videos on an iPhone and turn them into hand drawn, cartoon, animations.

Love It: Results of Doodle Cam’s creations are visually appealing, app is easy to use and cartoon renderings add a very neat element to one’s iPhone-captured moments.

Hate It: Only 11 effects at this point, which I don’t hate, only semi-dislike.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

I confess, photography on the iPhone is where I get my jollies.  Video has only recently captured my attention thanks to editing options available through apps, most notably iMovie and Video Edit.

Another app, Doodle Cam ($1.99), has now drawn (intended) me in to the world of mobile video capturing.

Doodle Cam is an app that allows iPhone users to record a video or take a photo, and using your choice of 11 different effects, and 5 soundtracks for videos, turn what you’ve captured into a hand drawn, cartoon animated piece of art.  After doing so, one can then share a creation on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or email, from within the app.

One of the really neat features of the app is the fact that it renders what you see as a doodle sketch in real time, not after you’ve captured the moment.  There’s no editing required after the fact, what you see as you’re creating your video, or taking your photo, is what you’ll get.

Other features include:

  • See the real world around you in cartoon form

doodle cam1 Turn iPhone videos into cartoons? Doodle Cam can.

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Your choice of 11 different effects

doodle cam 3 Turn iPhone videos into cartoons? Doodle Cam can.

  • Easily change effects as you record
  • Select from 5 different soundtracks for your videos
  • Save resulting photos and videos to your camera roll

doodle cam 2 Turn iPhone videos into cartoons? Doodle Cam can.

  • Instantly share your videos via email, Twitter, Facebook
  • Upload your videos to YouTube

Doodle Cam is extremely easy to use, creates extremely impressive renderings as you create them and allows you to share what you’ve created as quickly you created it.  Doodle Cam is a grand app and provides another, unique, way to capture any moment worth capturing anywhere, at any time.