TNW Quick Hit

Notes For Later is a bookmarklet that will email you a reminder about a site you were browsing

Love It: Easy reminders are win.

Hate It: Needs a way to add your own notes to the email. More email? Ouch.

Overall: 4/5

The Details

When you’re browsing sites, it’s easy to forget what it was that caught your eye in the first place. Sometimes you’ll want to follow up on a site later but sorting through bookmarks can be a pain. Notes For Later looks to solve that by giving you a bookmarklet that, when clicked, will email you a note about the site you were visiting.

The beauty of Notes for Later is in its simplicity. However, that’s also what kept it from getting a perfect score at the moment. The only information that is sent to your email is the website address, the time that you were visiting it and any text that you highlighted on the page. It would be awesome to have the ability to add your own notes for context.

Otherwise, it’s a really handy service that requires nothing more than a click. We like that. Just make sure that, if you’re a Gmail user, you set your Notes for Later to a high priority