Desire data?  Find satisfaction in statistics? Nick Felton, creator of Daytum, shares your quota creation cravings, going so far as to publish an annual report on his own life.

Daytum is a web application which allows you to collect and communicate the most important statistics in your life and set up any number of various displays tracking virtually anything you can think to track using a wonderful user interface.  Daytum can also be used on one’s mobile phone, both iPhone and Android devices, to update your account using

Use Daytum to track a day, month, or year.  Collect and communicate the most important statistics in your life, create a dashboard of personal or business goals, compile lists, charts, averages, time statistics, and more, Daytum is a comprehensive tool for data collection.

Daytum offers a free version featuring 1 page, 6 displays per page, 1000 items and 24 categories, with NO privacy features.  For  $4 per one gets up to 12 pages,  8 displays per page, unlimited items and categories, and the ability to add privacy settings to your account.

Daytum is a grand tracking tool and is simple enough for anyone to use.  If you value privacy, the free model is certainly not for you, and the lack of any export feature  allowing one to transfer data from your Daytum to another service is a glaring omission from the service.  That said, Daytum is a grand service to track and share anything one could possibly dream of.