Back a few years ago, we all had LiveJournal accounts. After that, we had accounts at Blogger and the like. The advantage to these, of course, was that you could share your writing with the world. OhLife thinks that maybe we should keep those doors shut.

OhLife is a web-based journal application that, while remaining completely private, has its own little ways to prod you into writing daily. Each night at 8pm, you’ll get an email asking “how did your day go”. Respond to that email and your daily entry is posted in your OhLife journal.

The OhLife dashboard, above, is wonderfully simple. All you have is your entry for today, your past entries, and then some settings such as your time zone and password.

What’s really cool about the service is that, as time and entries gather, you’ll get snippets of past entries emailed to you as well so that you can take a moment to reflect on what happened.

If you’ve read TNW Apps for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of beauty in simplicity. To this end, OhLife is about as stunning as an application can get.

Now if I could just find time to reply to the email…