According to the Mozilla Blog, Firefox 4 Beta 1 is out and ready for you to pick apart.  Head over and start downloading while we talk.

It’s important, says Mozilla, that you try to break the newest version and give your feedback on it.  Beta 1 gives a host of new features and some improvements as well.  Included in the features, we’ll see these:

  • Top mounted tabs (for Windows)
  • Firefox Button replaces the Windows 7 menu bar
  • Smart Location bar for easy tab switching
  • Stop and Reload are now 1 button
  • Crash Protection

Probably the most exciting feature of the new Firefox, for me, is better HTML5 parsing and support for more HTML5 form controls. Now that we’ll have this out in the wild, it will help to speed HTML5 development, as more users are able to test it.

Of course, there’s a lot more as well, so get cracking.