Whos Talkin – Social Search Tool adds API

Whos Talkin – Social Search Tool adds API

Whos Talkin is a brand new and very cool social network search tool created by the web and multimedia developer company JOZSOFT.

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Whos Talkin is sort of the Wolfram Alpha of the social network search world, it searches just about every social network around and returns the results quickly and in a very simple and easy to read/use manner.

Whos Talkin is possibly one of the best social network search tools to date. No other search tool gives you such in-depth results. Below is a cool video made by the folks over at Whos Talkin, it shows basically how to use the service and explains a little about how it works etc

People can also use Whos Talkin away from the website via a Firefox or IE plugin or through an iGoogle gadget on your Google homepage. The release of their API last night should also see whos talkin gain further traction in this market as others look to harness its searching power.

Social media searching is nothing new in today’s world, but Whos Talkin has just raised the bar.

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