Apple’s iconic Mac computer has turned 30 today, and the company has released a video tribute to mark the occasion.

The video features a range of pioneers, innovators and creative figures — Moby, Maki Sugimoto, April Greiman, Daito Manabe, Hans Zimmer, Tinker Hatfield, Iris van Herpen, John Maeda, Noemi Trainor, Nick Knight and Theodore Gray — who discuss how they have used various Mac models in their work and life.

Apple isn’t just focused on high-profile users, its website asks customers about the first model they bought and what they did with it — the result of which is two interesting infographics that show how the use of Macs has developed since the first model was introduced in 1984.

Phil Schiller is among the current Apple execs who have paid tribute to the products — we can expect more celebrations as the US wakes up today (Friday).

Keep an eye on our Macintosh 30th Anniversary tag for interviews with members of the original Mac team and our thoughts on the future of the Mac.

Image via Kim White/Getty Images