Apple’s new futuristic ‘spaceship’ campus was given an initial approval by the Cupertino City Council last month, and the last hurdle has been crossed today as Apple received final approval to build its campus, as MacRumors reports.

The LA Times reports that to receive the final approval, Apple agreed to increase the amount of taxes it pays to the Council.

This means that Apple will get a full set of building permits and can finally go all out to bring its stunning concept to life, slightly more than two years after Steve Jobs personally pitched the project to the Cupertino City Council.

Wired recently published 24 renderings of what Apple’s new campus will look like, and it’s pretty amazing — here are a few.

Apple Receives Final Approval for ‘Spaceship’ Campus From Cupertino City Council [MacRumors]

Images via Wired, thumbnail image via Dale de la Rey/AFP/Getty Images