Samsung has been denied a retrial over patent ‘381 — nicknamed ‘bounce-back’ or ‘rubber-banding’ — after US Federal Judge Lucy Koh rejected a request filed by the Korean electronics firm in July, as CNET reports.

The patent refers to the bouncing animation that takes place when a user scrolls past the end of a page while navigating on a device. It played a major part in Apple’s massive trial against Samsung last year — in which Apple scored a $1.05 billion victory — while a Japanese court recently ruled that Samsung had infringed on it.

The rubber-banding patent had been tentatively rejected last year, but the US Patent and Trademark Office reexamined it in June to confirm four of Apple’s patent claims.

➤ Samsung denied new trial over Apple’s ‘bounce-back’ patent [CNET]

Headline image via JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images