In the landmark case of Apple v. Samsung, Judge Lucy Koh has overturned the jury’s ruling that Samsung willfully infringed on Apple’s patents, thereby eliminating a possible tripling in damage awards, FOSS Patents reports.

Koh issued several orders for the case late Tuesday. Though the judge did strike the willful infringement finding, she largely upheld the original jury ruling, which came last August. Apple was granted one request to invalidate two of Samsung’s patent claims, but five others were denied.

If the jury’s willful infringement assessment had been allowed to remain, Apple could have sought as much as three times the damages for some of its claims.

Last month, Koh denied Apple’s request for a permanent sales ban on Samsung’s devices, while also rejecting Samsung’s wish for a new trial.

FOSS Patents notes that the case still has several upcoming decisions, including a ruling on Samsung’s request to lessen or eliminate the damages award. Apple is also appealing Koh’s permanent injunction denial.

Apple v. Samsung has been an highly public battle between two industry giants, culminating in a $1.05 billion judgment. The case is still far from being resolved, though, as both companies appear ready to continue fighting.

Shortly after Apple settled its disagreement with Taiwanese handset maker HTC, a Samsung official said that the company doesn’t intend to negotiate with Apple at all.

Image Credit: Thinkstock