During its earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company sold 2M Apple TVs in the quarter, more than the company has ever sold. That marks a 60% increase from the year ago quarter when Apple sold 1.4M units and up from last quarter, when it sold 1.2M units.

Notably, that’s a faster rate of growth than either iPhone or iPad.

In response to a question about Apple’s television plans, Cook said “what was a small niche at one time that loved it, is now a larger area of people that love it. I tend to believe that there is a lot that we can contribute in this space…but I don’t want to be more specific.”

He also repeated his comments about continuing to ‘pull the string’ to see where the Apple TV would take the company.

Apple’s current strategy with Apple TV seems to center around AirPlay content and second screen experiences that utilize the iPad, iPhone and Mac. No matter how much people seem to want Apple to produce a full-on television, the breakout box seems to be doing well for them and they continue to expand content cautiously. Apple recently began offering Watchever as a Hulu/Netflix alternative in Germany, and will likely make more content providers available in the future.