Multitasking has been a part of iOS for a number of years — extending to third-party apps in 2010 with the launch of iOS 4.0 — but iOS device users have often lamented at the lack of innovation in the implementation of Apple’s app-switching features.

In early October, designer @Sentry_NC wowed members of The Verge forums, posting mockups of a concept that rethought the iOS app-switcher. It made use of a card-style interface that would display the status and allow users to use gestures to switch, close and interact with running apps.

The concept was widely praised, and it went into development – as a Jailbreak tweak (Apple doesn’t allow developers to modify core features in iOS).

It’s taken a couple of months, but with the help of developers Jack Willis and JamieD360, Sentry’s concept is now very much a reality. The project has a name — Auxo — and our friends over at iDownloadblog have been able to play with the final version of the Jailbreak tweak.

It looks fantastic, offering app-switching, toggles for WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth and even a revamped music player interface.

Instead of explaining to you what Auxo can do, iDownloadblog published a video review of the tweak allowing you to see for yourself, which we have embedded below:

Sentry told The Verge that the tweak will become available on Cydia in the coming days. It works on iOS 6 but an iOS 5 tweak may also be released in the future.