At Apple’s special event today, CEO Tim Cook announced that the company has seen over 35 billion App Store downloads, taking into account over 700,000 apps currently available to download.

As a result, Apple has now paid more than $6.5 billion to developers.

Although the company didn’t announce any updates in its figures, the App Store is home to 275,000 iPad apps, which was announced at the iPhone event in October. Keeping to the Apple theme, Cook was quick to note that the App Store isn’t “home to stretched out smartphone apps,” although you could argue that Twitter’s new app is exactly that.

Earlier, Apple announced it has already sold over 3 million new iPod nano and iPod touch devices:

“Seeing this type of customer response reminds us why we love to [make them],” said Cook, adding that there are now 200M devices running iOS 6, the fastest software adoption that Apple has heard of. There are also 125M documents in iCloud.