Following the announcement of its new Kindle e-reader and tablet line-up at the end of last week, Amazon has pushed live a new update for its Kindle Mac app, adding support for Lion gestures and the ability to read books published in Amazon’s new Kindle 8 format.

With gesture support, Mac owners can swipe and pan through their books (if they are running Mac OS 10.7 and upwards), making it easier for users to turn pages and interact with the titles they are reading.

With support for Kindle Format 8, the Kindle app for Mac can feature over 150 new formatting capabilities — including fixed layouts, nested tables, sidebars and SVG graphics — bringing books and publications to life.

Amazon also says that it has improved support for larger libraries and books with a lot of notes and highlights, fixing bugs and boosting performance.

While it’s known that Amazon will soon launch its Kindle e-readers in Japan, the company has yet to say when. However, the company has today rolled out Japanese support in its Mac app ahead of the launch, suggesting it can’t be long until Amazon’s ebook business will launch in the country.

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