With the re-opening of Apple’s SoHo store in New York, the company continues to revolutionize the retail space with details that only a perfectionist would insist on.

As Core77 writes, Apple’s original staircase consisted of multiple glass panes, but now with the recent renovation, the staircase sides are now made from a jaw-dropping 30+ foot long piece of seamless, zigzagging glass.

Check out the photos, via Core77:


And if you’re wondering how it’s strong enough, get up close and you see that each stringer is made from five sheets laminated together:

The renovation is reminiscent of Apple’s $6.5 million simplification of its 5th avenue NY store, where 90 panes of glass were brought down to just 15, with three long panes bringing up each wall. You can learn more about that here.

This is a company bent of controlling every aspect of its retail experience, in ways that Microsoft’s retail development team might even scoff at. Glass architecture is something we’ve come to know Apple for, even if it’s not exactly an obvious jump for a tech company, and at this point we’ll have to just let them go with their intuition and simply enjoy the store.