Apple acquiring Italian audio editing startup Redmatica, according to regulatory filing

Apple acquiring Italian audio editing startup Redmatica, according to regulatory filing

Apple is apparently in the process of acquiring a small Italian music startup called Redmatica, reports Techcrunch. We did some digging and the acquisition appears to be legitimate so far.

The report comes via Italian tech site Fanpage, who discovered evidence of the acquisition in the reports of Italian regulatory agency AGCOM. We found the AGCOM listing, which is embedded below, and it indeed states that Apple made a purchase of Redmatica.

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The document notes that the acquisition is safe for competition, given that Apple does not hold the dominant market in Italy for audio editing suites. It is given the go ahead and forwarded on to the Italian Minister of Economic Development of Infrastructure and Transport.

This means that the deal is definitely in process and has achieved needed approval from Italian regulatory agencies, but it does not mean that the companies have signed on the dotted line, so to speak. Redmatica is a small company, with €100,000 in yearly revenue and €26,000 in profits and Apple may end up with both its technology and its employees if the deal goes through.

The startup makes several software suites that have to do with audio sampling and editing, which Apple could be after to beef up Logic Pro or Garage Band. The main product of Redmatica is a sampler suite for the mac called Keymap Pro.

Apple acquires small technology companies on a semi-regular basis and rarely comments on the acquisitions. We’ve reached out to the company for a statement anyway.

Thanks to Federico Vitcci for translation assistance

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