Apple has pushed out its latest updates for both second and third generation Apple TVs. According to 9to5Mac, the updates appear to fix some bugs in a previous version and nothing more.

To upadte your Apple TV to 5.0.1 (9B206f), simply turn your device on and initiate the software update on your own if you aren’t prompted to do so.

You can also download the files straight from Apple here:

Second Generation
Third Generation

I’ve had mixed feelings on the latest Apple TV navigation design, which has left the home screen feeling a bit too crowded for my liking. I’m really looking forward to Apple bringing iOS-type functionality to the TV, be it via the current set-top box or its own standalone television.

I personally enjoy being able to customize what I use and tossing aside what I don’t. On Apple TV, I never look at the NBA or MLB content, but it’s there taking up room.