Well no, not really. But he came close.

During Apple’s iPad event today, while CEO Tim Cook was talking about the new beautiful Retina display graphics on the new iPad, he flashed up a slide showing the Twitter app on a Samsung Tablet:

It kind of looks like a blown-up smartphone app, because that’s exactly what it is. Compare that to Twitter on iPad.

That’s quite a jab. Cook didn’t stop there and took a look at Yelp’s Android app on a Samsung tablet:

Look at Yelp. Lots of white space. Tiny text, hard to read. Compare that to the iPad. This is a reason that momentum on the iPad continues to build.

Apple’s feisty CEO was building up momentum to the announcement of its new tablet, which we now know has dropped the number after the name. Luckily, it wasn’t called the iPad HD either:

Everyone’s been wondering who will come out with a tablet that is better than the iPad 2? Everyone’s been wondering this.

Well, stop wondering. We are.