Another tethering app, QuasiDisk, has managed to evade Apple’s App Store approval checks, surfacing on the marketplace to allow iPhone owners to share their handset’s 3G connection with other devices.

Previous apps, including Handy Light and later PayUpSucker, launched with built-in features allowing iPhone tethering, either via Wi-Fi or USB but Apple quickly turned the screws to ensure that the apps didn’t remain accessible for long on the App Store.

However, 9to5mac brings us word of QuasiDisk, a “simple file manager and file viewer” that also ships with the ability to create tethering connections via a proxy.

It requires a fair amount of tinkering and adding of settings to establish the connection but sure enough, it works.

A word of warning – When or if you do this, you are violating the terms of service to which you have agreed with your carrier. In short, you’re stealing, because your carrier charges money for the ability to use your phone as a modem for your computer. We are not responsible for whatever might happen to you if you choose to use this method, we’re simply reporting that the method exists.

The app is a $1.99 download, it won’t likely last long.