This is just a quick nerd-tastic video for your Friday. It’s a short clip featuring Steve Jobs, the creator of the microprocessor Ted Hoff and John Warnock of adobe, among others.

They’re talking about the birth of Silicon Valley and the advent of the microprocessor. Many acknowledge the Apple I’s ‘all on one board’ construction, dreamed up by Steve Wozniak, as a forbearer of the ‘computer on a chip’ that dominates modern electronics.

The money quote from Jobs on starting Apple? “We had nothing to lose, and we had everything to gain. And we figured even if we crash and burn, and lose everything, the experience will have been worth ten time the cost.”

While not all of us have the luxury of starting a business without the fear of losing our way of life or not being able to provide for our families, the mentality is important to recognize. Sometimes creating something great means living without fear of failure. If you truly believe in what you’re doing, sometimes the possibility of ‘crashing and burning’ is worth the risk.

This clip is from a documentary called Silicon Valley: a 100 Year Renaissance, which is the same film that this 46 second clip of Steve Jobs’ thoughts on life comes from.