As an avid iPhone photographer, I’ve been a big fan of the Glif since it began as a Kickstarter project. In fact, I bought in early to support it and have been using the little iPhone tripod adapter ever since. So I’m glad to see the guys expanding to offer two new accessories for it.

The new Glif +Pack is a set of two new add-ons for the thin pressure-activated tripod adapter. The first is the Ligature, which is a keychain fob attachment that screws into the 1/4 20 tripod hole on the bottom of the Glif and ensures that you always have it with you. This is clever, as I’m constantly digging in the bottom of my bag for the Glif.

The second is called the Serif and it’s a vertical stabilization bar that allows you to invert your phone or place it at precarious angles without worrying about it slipping out of the Glif. This should come in handy for use with Gorillapods and other less conventional iPhone placement scenarios.

The +Pack is being offered separately for $12 or together with the Glif for $30 if you don’t have one already. Another cool detail? The Glif package can be used as a portable tripod!

A very cool gift for any serious iPhone photographer, and a great compliment to the Olloclip lens set we reviewed earlier this year.

The Glif +Plus