Apple has begun airing a new iPod touch spot, focusing on the gaming and chatting aspects of the device. The spot features mostly teens using Facetime, iMessage and Game Center on both black and white iPod touch models.

The white iPod touch was added to the lineup earlier this year, although the internals are identical to last year’s model. The addition of iOS 5 brought the ability to text-message from iPod to iPod and across other devices like the iPad and iPhone. Teens are a huge market for this as has been proven with the popularity of services like BlackBerry Messenger.

The Game Center enhancements in iOS 5 include more features that encourage multiplayer gaming and matchmaking, which is also shown off here. The iPod touch works great as a one-off portable gaming gift, as there are no monthly fees attached to it.

The music is Tongue Tied by Grouplove and gets some play in the commercial as the kids film a video of themselves singing the song. All in all it’s a catchy little spot highlighting Apple’s Christmas gift of choice for teens. Should do well.

The iPod touch is currently part of Apple’s Black Friday promotion, where it is on sale from $178 US.