Apple is sending emails to customers requesting that they re-download the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson from the iBookstore because the first version was plagued with some formatting issues, according to a report by Macworld UK.

Some customers had been complaining about these problems on the iBookstore and we noticed some prominent errors in our version of the book as well. “Pictures don’t load correctly and the formatting is off,” an irate customer posted as a review of the book on the iBookstore, while demanding that the company “correct it!!”

If you find yourself with a copy that is in any way not perfect, Apple advises that you delete it from both the iBooks app on your iOS device and your iTunes library. Following that, you should sign out of your iTunes Store account and then back in. Now, you can either re-download the book from the Purchased section of the iBookstore or from the book’s listing on it.

The formatting issues seem to only have affected the English version of the book, so you should be fine with your current copy if you are reading it in Finnish, Greek or Italian. The Catalan and Spanish versions of the book are scheduled to go on sale on Oct. 28 and are currently available for preorder.