For the love of LOL Cats, cyborgs, zombies and other freaky news, developer Nate Stedman has made a Mac OS X client called “Envelope” that lets you browse, submit, and comment on articles on For reddit lovers, the $3.99 app is a total win and the best way to ensure maximum reddit exposure in your life.

Articles are displayed in a sidebar for easy access with an integrated comment browser that allows you to read, vote and reply to comments posted on submissions. The current article and its comments can be displayed split side-by-side or stacked vertically. The app also gives you access to all of your subreddits with an aesthetically pleasing overlay.

Submitting is brilliantly easy with drag to share functionality and speedy uploads. N.B. Envelope uses Minus to share images but makes it easy to sign up for an account in Preferences. On Mac OS X 10.7, click the fullscreen button in the top right of each window for all-out redditness.

Here’s what it will look like:

fullscreen 520x325  Introducing Envelope, a reddit client for Mac OS X

Envelope includes keyboard commands or multitouch gestures to switch between articles and subreddits. For example, to submit an article just hit ⌘N, enter a title, link, and a subreddit to post to (Envelope helps you out), then press ⌘↩. Done.

Want to ask a question? Just press ⌘⇧N to bring up a self post submission window, then type away.

submission 520x211  Introducing Envelope, a reddit client for Mac OS X

Screen shot 2011 09 14 at 5.03.35 PM 520x36  Introducing Envelope, a reddit client for Mac OS X

To read all the things on reddit, buy it here. ($3.99)

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Featured image credit: Shutterstock/Granite