An iPhone 5 concept to lust after [Video]

An iPhone 5 concept to lust after [Video]

As we near the release of the iPhone 5, we’re seeing more and more concepts of what the new device could look like. But I don’t think I’ve seen one quite as lust-worthy as this one from San Francisco based Aatma Studio. Not only is it a super slick vision of what the iPhone 5 could be, it’s also a full-on CG video, not just a few stills.

The video shows off a potential iPhone 5’s super-thin design, larger screen and iPod-like shiny back. Further out into the realm of remote possibility comes features like a projected laser keyboard that allows you to type on any flat surface and a holographic display.

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While neither of those features are likely to show up any time soon, the new iPhone 5 is rumored to have a thinner and lighter design. This jibes with what the video shows off and looks very similar to a slightly thinner iPod touch. I personally love the form-factor of the iPod touch and would welcome a new iPhone that felt like that.

You can watch extended segments on each of the other features below including the Holographic screen, laser keyboard and thinner profile.

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