While I was watching the new iPad 2 commercial that started airing yesterday, entitled ‘If You Asked’, I saw something huge missing from the iPad. Screen glare.

The entire commercial is packed with views of the iPad in brightly lit situations, a classroom, a hospital, a living room, and yet there is zero glare in any of the shots. In fact, the screen isn’t just sans-glare, it’s distinctly matte surface instead of glossy.

Screen shot 2011 05 04 at 7.19.18 AM Wheres our matte iPad 2 screen?

I took some screenshots as examples, if you compare them to your iPad screen you’ll immediately see the difference.

Screen shot 2011 05 04 at 7.19.34 AM Wheres our matte iPad 2 screen?

Now yes, I absolutely know that this is just for marketing purposes and that Apple needed to show off the contents of the screen better so its digital artists most likely worked their magic here. I know how hard it is to shoot the iPad with no glare. Here’s a shot of my iPad 2 from my review of it. In this shot I did a lot of work with lighting and angle to ensure that there was no glare and I’m still only partially successful.

iphone dslr transmitter 10 copy Wheres our matte iPad 2 screen?

But what If the iPad 2 made specially for this commercial was a model with anti-glare glass? What if Apple decided to start offering iPads with an anti-glare option? Would anyone buy it? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

You can watch the commercial below and long for a matte iPad 2 display along with me.