If it wasn’t already 99% certain that Apple’s next-generation iPad (or the iPad 2 as we’ve been calling it) was going to include a camera, new shots from the iOS 4.3 Beta include mentions of three new features for the next iPad – a camera, FaceTime and PhotoBooth.

We have already brought you artwork from the iOS 4.3 beta that included the shutter roll for the soon-to-be-announced iPad 2. Today’s shot, albeit small, has been altered slightly to show the camera, FaceTime and PhotoBooth icons, features that not only confirm Apple’s photographic intentions but also demonstrate that iPad users will also be able to do more with the camera functionality within iOS.

So, there you have it. The next-generation iPad will be the latest in Apple’s line of portable devices to include FaceTime functionality but it will also provide users with a way to manipulate photos, adding effects and transitions, much like on a Mac.