Apple has posted its Black Friday deals for the US, with the largest discounts coming on its Mac line, with $101 off the MacBook Air and iMac.

The iPad is $41 off (so you can get the 16GB WiFi version for $458 before tax), the pretty expensive to start with 2TB Time Capsule is $51 off (so $448), and the 1TB version and the iPod Touch are $21 off – everything else is either $5 or $11 off.

We’d say by far the best deal is the $101 off the new MacBook Airs, as they are Apple’s newest gadget and we’d expect a fair number of them to sell at that price. The iPad at $41 off isn’t that bad either, especially as many people are probably buying them as gifts at this point in the year, as they are just about the #1 “want” tech item of the season.

Also, as 9to5 Mac reports, international Apple Stores are currently down right now, which we have confirmed.