Apple just announced that it sold 4.2 million iPads last quarter, that generated revenue of $2.7 billion dollars with an average price of $645. Apple also said that 65% of Fortune 500 enterprises have adopted the iPad and that it had an additional $100 million in sales of iPad accessories.

On the call, CEO Steve Jobs also said that it has increased it’s inventory by 500,000 units, bringing its total iPad inventory to 3-4 weeks right now (which is actually below what it hoped to achieve – i.e. 6 weeks) and that it has expanded to Walmart, AT&T, Verizon and Target as well as internationally, which of course we already knew.

Regarding the Fortune 500 adoption, Apple mentioned Proctor & Gamble, Lowes, NBC Universal and Novartis.

On its earnings call, Apple also announced that it has surpassed 125 million iOS units all time, which includes iPhones, iPod Touches and the iPad.