Updated Mac Pros, iMacs, New 27″ Cinema Display From Apple Tomorrow?

Updated Mac Pros, iMacs, New 27″ Cinema Display From Apple Tomorrow?

There are two rules about Apple rumors: there is always a new one, and it might be correct. Everyone’s favorite Apple fanatic John Gruber has just let loose a real doozy: tomorrow might be a big day in the Apple computer line up.

If his statements are correct, we can expect a slew of new things tomorrow. At the top of the list are updated (refreshed) iMacs and Mac Pros, two computer lines that could use a specs bump in light of a consistently improving hardware market. But perhaps more interestingly, we may see a brand new 27″ Cinema display.

New York, are you ready?

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Originally, rumors had that 27 inch monitor pegged for June, but Apple dropped that date like a hot rock. Tomorrow might be the day that we have been waiting for. To quote the man with the sources:

We’ll have much to talk about, what with the new Mac Pros (finally, right?), speed-bump iMacs, and the gorgeous new 16:9 27-inch Cinema Display that Apple might hypothetically release tomorrow.

Now we get to wait and see if this rumor has any weight. If it does, expect to see some used Apple iron on eBay by days end.

From Gruber via MacRumors.

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