Bing Cracks 10% Search Engine Market Share – Google Still Growing

Bing Cracks 10% Search Engine Market Share – Google Still Growing

bing-logoThe hotly contested search market is going through change. With its recent self re-invention, Microsoft has found itself again a major player in the market.

It’s search engine, Bing, continues to grow. Bing broke the 10% barrier in November.

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While Google is still growing, up to 65.6% from 65.4, it’s ceiling high market share give it short room to expand.

Bing on the other hand seems intent on grabbing fist-fulls of market share, seemingly at the expense of Yahoo, which lost 0.5% market share in November, down to 17.5%.

Bing remains the smallest of the big three, but with its lightning fast product cycle, and friendly interface, not to mention strong search results, it seems only a short time until it finds a comfortable role as the second largest.

I am in talks with Cuil, if you remember them, to get an interview about their future direction. The Cuil team is still around, and is intent on making Cuil a power player in the market. We shall see.

Data via SIA, via Imran.

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