Untitled-1Pew Internet, a nonprofit research organization, has produced a fascinating report into the way people are using  status updates and Twitter.

We thought we’d put together a quick summary of the most important tidbits of data. If you’re interested in the whole document you can find it on Pew Internet.

The report is based on Americans use of internet, where telephone interviews were conducted among sample of 2253 adults.

The highlights:

“Some 19% of internet users now say they use Twitter or another service to share updates about themselves, or to see updates about others – which represents an increase over previous surveys in December 2008 and April 2009, when 11% of internet users said they use a status-update service.”

The more devices someone owns, the more likely they are to use Twitter.


Internet users age 18-44 report rapid uptake of Twitter over the last 9 months. Since December 2008, almost 20% more youngsters users. Median age of a Twitter user is 31, which has remained stable over the past year. For Myspace it is 26, LinkedIn 39 and Facebook 33.

Status updaters were more likely to belong to other social networks in addition to Twitter, and users with multiple Internet-connected devices participated in services like Twitter at a far higher rate.peopleflock to twitter