Continuing our “hey it’s Saturday, let’s all relax,” theme, do we have a technology-meets-the-real-world-story for you!

It turns out that the co-creator of USB, Ajay Bhatt, the star of the one of the Intel rock star commercials, was not allowed to be in his own commercial! Conan O’Brien decided to bring him in citing Intel as a major sponsor of the of the Tonight Show.

Take a look at the original commercial that generated the whole interview:

Of course, Conan took the interview to the next level, stating that his competing technology to USB, a hole in a computer through which gravy was poured indeed would have taken the world by storm, if it had been given a chance. The interview is classic smart man v. comedian, a bit like when Fox news brings in someone for an interview segment. Watch this, it will probably be the best part of your Saturday. Of course, that is, until TheNextWeb posts again, but you know what I mean.