iPhoto 20091006 153246 The iPhone Cocaine ScaleLook what I just found on my way to lunch in the centre of Amsterdam!

No, this isn’t your ordinary iPhone knock-off! It is an iPhone with a built in scale so you can weigh your cocaine.

No, cocaine isn’t legal in The Netherlands.

But this iPhone Cocaine Scale is and for the low price of €45 it can be yours.

“Hey, what kind of apps do you have on your iPhone?
Apps? Screw Apps! I have cocaine on my iPhone!”

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have an iPhone which you can use to hide the cocaine in? That must be more useful that weighing right? I’ll bet more people are trying to hide than weigh.

iPhoto 20091006 153039 The iPhone Cocaine Scale

UPDATED: I like VICE magazines (@VICEMAG) tweet on this:

VICE Magazine %28VICEMAG%29 on Twitter 20091007 171305 The iPhone Cocaine Scale