datecheckSo here is an interesting company, DateCheck, an iPhone app made by Intelius. DateCheck lets you instantly do a background check on your date. The app shows you immediately info on your phone like if the guy is actually who he says he is, if he’s married or not, where he lives, his net worth and even if he has a criminal record (via the sleaze detector).
Well it might be a bit scary, but the demo they gave here in San Diego was hilarious.

Guys watch out, no more lying, DateCheck will unveil your lies!

The app will be available in the app store at the beginning of October. Blackberry and Android apps are also on the roadmap for October.

Check out the introduction video (and my interview) to get a hold of what DateCheck can do for you:


Just before they went on stage I made a short video of DateCheck at their booth. She gave me a hard time, enjoy.