xoopit logo 400 250x59 Yahoo Confirms Xoopit AcquisitionEarlier today All Things D reported Yahoo were to acquire San-Francisco based Xoopit for around the $20 million mark. Xoopit is interestingly, originally a GMail Firefox plugin that scours your email for all your media and organises it neatly for you to browse and share.

There have been a number of theories as to why Yahoo decided to acquire the startup over say, Google. What we do officially know is that Yahoo have now publicly confirmed the acquisition and welcomed the company into its belly family.

According to a company blog post, their hope is that “Xoopit will bring phenomenal photo organization, improved photo sharing, and the serendipity of discovering forgotten photos to Yahoo! Mail.”

The company will provide support for the Gmail + Xoopit Firefox extension…for now. Although why on earth any Gmail users would open up their inbox to a Yahoo owned company (or any company in fact) is beyond me.

xoopit2 Yahoo Confirms Xoopit Acquisition