The Ev-Files is a lighter take on the Twitter/TechCrunch saga. An amusing online game from Entrepreneur/Developer Alex Tew, founder of viral hits MillionDollarHomePage, Sock and Awe and most recently PopJam.

The new game is along the same lines as the Bush one, but this time round you’ve got Arrington’s head to aim at and an iPhone to throw. Once you’ve finished, Ev-Files gives you a score based on how many times you’ve hit Arrington on the head, and you can tweet that to your followers on Twitter.

Tew’s last viral hit Sock and Awe ended up on EBay and sold for $7818, not sure whether we’ll be seeing this one bought at any time soon. Still, great fun, wonder how fast this one is going spread on Twitter? Fantastic stuff. Have a quick game here.

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