Ernst Jan%20Pfauth Chris Sacca: how you should use TwitterArticle written by Dutch problogger Ernst-Jan Pfauth

At The Next Web, Chris Sacca came up with a brilliant metaphor that you should keep in mind whenever you’re tweeting and blogging.

There are 700 people in this room. If you were standing on stage, you would be quite nervous: shaking a bit, maybe with a dry throat. When having such a large audience, you will sure try to entertain or inspire them. We tend to forget that we have a large audience on Twitter too. So before you tweet ask yourself: am I providing value? Will it put a smile on someones face? Am I expanding someones horizon? Otherwise, don’t write it.

There are lots of ‘how to twitter’ posts on the web but I guess this is the one everyone should read first…

chris sacca Chris Sacca: how you should use Twitter

Chris Sacca at The Next Web Conference. Photo Flickr / Anne Helmond

About the author: Ernst-Jan used to be the editor in chief of The Next Web. He’s currently blogging for Dutch quality newspaper