In a short video interview with WebWorkerDaily (posted below), entrepreneur/marketer/ex-Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki shares his favorite web application. What’s interesting is that it’s a tool most of us would never have heard of, it’s a Twitter app called Twitter Hawk.

The application uses Twitter Search to automatically source particular terms, and when mentioned, sends automated tweets directing people to a particular site.

In Guy’s interview, the Alltop founder, uses the example of someone mentioning “Fashion Week” in a tweet. Guy will then have Twitter Hawk set up to tweet that person reminding them that they can learn all about fashion at http://fashion.alltop.com.

The question is, is it spam? Is setting up an automated process to tweet people who mention a topic that your site could help them with…spam? Is it spam if it wasn’t automated? You can see the alltop Twitter account here, judge for yourself.