In case you are unaware, thanks to Jonathan Ross, Stephen Fry and a few other British celebrities, Twitter has seriously taken off in the UK – particularly on the radio where DJ’s like to build up their followers list as well as get feedback from their listeners.

Well it seems like some listeners have had more than enough of Twitter already. Take darls3000 who took the time to post the following:


There’s a list of further comments which are worth reading but frankly Darls3000 does have a point. Whether Twitter is currently free or not, it’s long term goal is to make profit and with the amount of (free) promotion the site is getting, you could easily have assumed Twitter sponsored the BEEB. At some point, presumably when Twitter starts earning revenue, the BBC are going to have to tone down the number of mentions the service receives on air, but at that point – where do they go?

Assuming the majority of devoted listeners are on air, eagerly waiting to tweet in with song requests and feedback…Will DJ’s be forced to simply say “Get onto to your favorite microblog?” or an alternative might be to create a BBC microblog of their own?