Disqus Adds Friendfeed Integration

Disqus Adds Friendfeed Integration

disqus-logo-20080812-160328Disqus is a ‚Äúthird party‚ÄĚ commenting system which integrates into virtually any site or blogging platform. Their latest update has seen the integration of Friendfeed support which will allow for your comments on Friendfeed to appear on your actual blog post and vice versa.

As Duncan Riley at The Inquisitr¬†points out, the service competes head on with rival commenting system Intense Debate which has included Friendfeed integration for some time ‚Äď although I‚Äôve personally always felt Disqus‚Äô overall implementation is far slicker.

The Disqus blog offers a simple guide to how to integrate the service:

How do I get started?

  • Visit¬†Account Services
  • Click¬†Enabled
  • Retrieve your¬†FriendFeed Remote Key¬†and fill in the blanks.

    note: If you disable FriendFeed from your account services page, it will globally disable it on all your sites.

How do I enable the forums?

  • Visit¬†The Administration Panel
  • Choose¬†Your Site¬†from the drop-down
  • Click the¬†Settings¬†tab
  • Check¬†FriendFeed comments
    note: You will have to activate FriendFeed per forum.

The last but most important item is to make sure your blog is in FriendFeed.

  • Visit¬†The FriendFeed Services Page
  • Click¬†Blog
  • Add your¬†RSS feed
    Our integration pulls only the RSS feeds from FriendFeed

Ok, off to convince Boris & Co. to integrate Disqus…

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