google_logo_3Google have announced they will officially be closing or ceasing development on a number of their (relatively) popular products including; Google Video Uploads, Google Notebook, Dodgeball and Google Catalog Search.

With Jaiku, Google have decided to halt development but release what they are calling the open source “Jaiku Engine” project on Google code under the Apache License. In a post about the decision, vice president of Engineery Vic Gundotra says:

“we’re excited about developers using this proven code as a starting point in creating a freely available and federated, open source microblogging platform.”

Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineLand has highlighted the official posts:

Whether you use these services or not, this should come as a surprise mainly due to the sheer number of services as well as the fact that services such as; Google Notebook and Jaiku still have loyal users. Jaiku, acquired in 2007, has seen little improvement and Google Notebook has had few improvements in recent months.