I wonder what the guys ‘n girls are thinking at Microsoft HQ. Meet Herman and Sheila, two fictional Microsoft employees at the marketing department.

Herman: Hey Sheila, we need to do something. How do we get as much attention as Apple does?
Sheila: You’re right, we need to do something. We have to come up with a strategy that moves people, we need to bring Microsoft back to the people.
Herman: So true Sheila, HIGH FIVE!
Sheila: Ok ok lets come up with a cool marketing campaign…
Herman: Well you know that we can’t come up with a cool marketing campaign, we’re not creative enough to do so. But what about making a series of marketing campaigns which are lame and truly suck, that should be something people talk about and will write about.
Sheila: Well that is not such a bad idea, not a bad idea at all in fact. There is no such thing as bad publicity! Lets go for it!

Well, they sure did it with this new add for music making software Microsoft Songsmith.


I love the quote of dad: “Its a Microsoft product right, so its pretty easy to use”

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