I was tipped off via Peter at Bubblefoundry and an article over at CScout Japan about a magazine that is out currently here in Japan that is filled with pretty much only free things that you can download from QRcodes with your mobile phone.

20080314 mg4927xdd416xme5sk3tcyu4w6 Japanese magazine filled with only QR codes

The Magazine is called Tada Gets (site is made for mobile and is all in Japanese), which basically means “get it free”. The pages are filled with a little text and/or image explaining what you can get and then the QR code that will get you to a mobile website where you can download the free content.

I mentioned earlier that the use of 2D codes in Japan was already a reality and this is just one example of how they are tightly integrated into the lives of Japanese people on a daily basis.

Here’s the QR Code for The Next Web Blog URL. You can get your free QR code for your URL from the great guys at mofuse.com
QR Code The Next Web annotated 20080314 103342 Japanese magazine filled with only QR codes

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