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TNW X & Brightlands are looking for entrepreneurs with blockchain, AI and climate change based solutions or ideas who are looking to turn them into successful businesses at the Brightlands HIVE.

The Brightlands Hub brings together 20,000 professionals and entrepreneurs across 4 campuses in a flourishing open innovation community. All with the aim to create a sustainable future, scalable business and true progress.

The Brightlands Smart Services Campus, Heerlen, is dedicated to supporting tech companies working in Blockchain, AI and climate change achieve growth, clients and a strong market position. It does this by combining the educational expertise of multiple universities and research centres, expert-led acceleration and incubation programmes, highly engaged government bodies & a thriving community of like-minded innovators.

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What to expect

Today’s PreXLR programme is the culmination of 3 years experience and 100 startup alumni. The result is a programme that provides holistic coaching to create sustainable business, validated products, a wealth of personal knowledge, seed funding and pre-sales with your first clients. Participants will receive:

Personal, business and inspirational coaching to shape your company and your personal capability.

Tools and models to structure your business and team growth

22 workshops and best practice sessions based on Stanford University programmes

Access to 20 additional modules to give you the flexibility and resources to build the skills you need

Potential Pilot projects within or immediately after the programme with around 200 ecosystem members

Develop plans to attract investment & talent, receive support to land that first funding round and identify the right individuals to build a stable business.

After participating in the PreXLR programme, you will have access to further stages of the Brightland HIVE and its extensive network of corporates, governmental actors, and universities.

More Info
Nathan Vandy

The past ten weeks of the PreXLR have been intensely valuable. The coaching provided supported our startup by testing our assumptions continuously. This not only gave us confidence when speaking to our customers and end users, but also stopped us from creating a product and service not needed. The money, and more importantly the time saved, emphasised the value of the course, and the skills learnt will continue with our team throughout the stages of our business development.


The Brightlands PreXLR has a number of requirements to ensure participants are able to get the very most out of the course.

You have a solution or idea utilising blockchain or AI technologies or focusing on climate change

If your application advances, you will need to take a short profiling examination, a ~1 hour interview and a short questionnaire

Are willing to move to the Netherlands for the 11-week programme at a minimum

Are yet to register a company

Able to take a convertible €25,000 loan exchanged for equity at the close of the program

Can be on campus for 95% availability for the 11 week period starting February 4th

You are driven, motivated and excited to work in a collaborative environment which will advance at a fast pace

Fluency in English