Apple announces a new version of Mail in OS X Lion

Apple announces a new version of Mail in OS X Lion

The event sold out within two hours, making WWDC the tech world’s version of a Taylor Swift concert. Today at Apple’s keynote, the “Royal Wedding for nerds,” Apple announced a new version of Mail in OS X Lion. [See our full story on OS X Lion here] The new Mail layout includes full screen, with two or three column views, a full message window (similar to Sparrow), snippets and favorites bar.

Mail also includes a new search function that will provide users with suggestions about people or things they may be looking for, updated in realtime. For example, if you search for “June” it will bring up messages sent and received in June. You can also now search for dates in a particular range. While the announcement was met with a roaring applause, it doesn’t sound much more advanced than search functions in other mail clients.

Mail Conversations allow users to streamline conversations (even from non-Lion users). Features include the ability to hover over a message and reply to an individual message and file whole conversations at once, not just individual messages.

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