Take your startup to the next level with our Boost and Bootstrap programs

Take your startup to the next level with our Boost and Bootstrap programs

Startups from all over the world can now apply for our curated startup programs: Boost and Bootstrap. Both are designed to maximize your access to the capital, customers and coverage you need.


Whether your startup is currently no more than an awesome idea or already turning heads, we’re firm believers in giving you the chance to grow. That’s why, for 2016, we’re scaling up our startup programs to make sure you get the perfect package for your company.

The new Bootstrap program is designed for startups that are pre-seed and pre-revenue, whereas Boost – our well established startup package – is the perfect fit for companies that have raised at least €200,000 and/or are making revenue.

And the programs work. Collectively, we estimate that previous Boost startups have raised almost $2 billion. Admittedly that ranges from Waze’s $1.3 billion acquisition by Google in 2013, to Sentiance’s $5.2 million series B last month. In other words, if you’re selected for Boost, we see your potential.

Our team will be looking for the most promising startups in these following 10 industry sectors: consumer, education, enterprise, entertainment, finance, health & wellbeing, internet of things, media & publishing, green, travel & transport.

The programs not only provide your company with the most affordable option for attending TNW Conference, but also come with some amazing perks:

CONFERENCE TICKETS — The Bootstrap Package includes three full conference tickets, the Boost Package includes four tickets.

INVESTOR MEETINGS — Curated one-on-one meetings are scheduled with investors by TNW on your behalf.

SUBMIT PITCH DECK — We’ll share your pitch deck with the 200+ attending investors prior to the start of the conference.

LAUNCHPAD MEETUPS — Priority selection for pitching your startup at Launchpad Meetups inside HQ’s of Corporates.

EXHIBITOR BOOTH — Get a one-day high-production-value startup booth, to connect with press, investors and early adopters.

BOOST PITCH DAY — Present your startup during one of 10 sector specific Boost Pitch Days in Amsterdam on May 25th.

FEATURED ON TNW — Mentioned in an article on thenextweb.com prior to the start of TNW Conference.

Sounds good, right? Click here to apply.

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