Introducing TNW Academy: Get more out of your life with high-quality training courses

Introducing TNW Academy: Get more out of your life with high-quality training courses

At The Next Web, we want to help improve the personal and professional lives of you, our readers. We do that through the entrepreneurs’ stories we share right here on the site, the videos of inspiring conference talks at TNW Video and now through a new platform: TNW Academy.

TNW Academy is a carefully curated marketplace of free and paid online courses designed to help you get ahead in your life and career.

While other marketplaces focus on quantity, we’ve chosen to partner with a select number of world-class instructors who have proven track records. They’ve already changed the lives of students with their outstanding content and instruction—now it’s your turn to take advantage of their expertise.

TNW Academy

Each course creator has developed content that’s more cutting-edge than you’d find on most university courses, and too support-oriented to work in a typical course marketplace. To find these courses, we’ve partnered with Fedora, the course creation platform of choice for innovative brands and individuals.

Because each instructor owns and manages their content, communications, and student relationships, you won’t be spammed with mass marketing messages or disconnected from the teacher of your course.

You get more out of your online learning experience, and instructors get more out of their teaching experience. It’s a win-win. So, dive in and see how TNW Academy can help you get more out of your life.


What’s more, we have a discount to get you started! Use the coupon code ‘LAUNCH’ for 20 percent off on all courses until Friday, March 27.

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