Our TNW event in São Paulo: Exclusive and invite-only

Our TNW event in São Paulo: Exclusive and invite-only

On December 2 we are hosting a special kind of event in Pinheiros, São Paulo. This will be the third event we’ve organized in Brazil and we will only welcome 399 people to attend the event this time. That’s correct; this is an invite-only, exclusive event, and it’s not easy to get in.

If you want to join us please apply for a ticket and our team will look into each profile before we send a link to register a ticket. The number of requests due to word-of-mouth has already been overwhelming so it might take up to 48 hours for us to reply.

We’re bringing a great and diverse crowd together. Company founders, marketing managers, social media managers and influencers, investors, successful serial entrepreneurs and creators are participating. Decision makers from companies like Facebook, GoDaddy, HelloFood, Yahoo, Easy Taxi, Hootsuite, Pacific Investments, Adyen, Uber and many more are joining us for this special occasion.


A diverse crowd makes an event better, and that also means that we want to make sure there are more women involved and present than usual. In an effort to attract more leading women in tech we have a special deal for female founders, managers and investors. It is our way of holding the door open and create more gender diversity at our events.

Just apply for a ticket at the conference site and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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